Tips To Make The Most Of Your Violin Lessons

Learning how to play violin is a fun and exciting activity. But without proper strategy and practice, this hobby can start to look daunting and stressful. Learning music can be incredibly therapeutic when done the right way. 

This article will tell you how to get most juice out of your violin lessons and how to stay committed to learning the instrument as a beginner

First learn about care and maintenance of the instrument 

Always keep your violin stored in its case when you are not using it. Don’t forget to loosen the bow before you store it away. Use a soft cloth to wipe it clean after each playing session. This will help remove all dust and rosin, keeping your instrument sharp. Avoid storing the violin in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. 

Be consistent with your sessions

The key to make some serious progress in your violin lessons is to be punctual as well as consistent in attending your lessons. Even the Best Violin Teacher In Kolkata can only do so much if you are not committed to your schedules. So make sure you are attending all your violin lessons to make regular progress.  

Don’t forget to practice 

Practice session is the key to learning any instrument, and not just violin. You need to set aside a slot in your day that you can allocate to practice session. You have to disciplined and committed to that slot if you really want to make some real progress. Practicing every day at the same time will make you habitual and comfortable with the instrument. This is important to play it confidently. You can make your practice sessions fun. It doesn’t always have to mean actual playing, although it is highly recommended that you brush up your basics each time. You can consider watching artists play the instrument or listen to different players. You can also record yourself playing to critique yourself. Find your weak areas and then work on them. 

Practice everyday

A rule of thumb for a beginner is to practice at least 30 minutes every day without fail. Don’t worry about playing it poorly at first. The idea is to get you in the habit of practicing. So pick up your violin and start fiddling with it. 

Create a practice space

Find a corner in your house that you can dedicate to learning violin. This space should be free from all distractions and should really help you focus. If possible, find a room that can be sound-proofed so that you can practice for as long as you like without bothering others. This is a rookie method to trick your brain into get into practice mode as soon as you step into that space at the designated hour. 

Invest in a metronome

By this time it is safe to assume that you are well aware of the basics and you are now moving on to scales and etudes. This is why you are going to need a metronome and now would be a good time to introduce it slowly. Don’t stress on speed just yet. For now, focus on playing the sounds correctly. The speed will come with practice and accuracy. 

Don’t forget to take breaks

If you practice for long hours without a break, then you will make your violin lesson appear too overwhelming. Take breaks in between to rest your hands and brain. Take a few sips of water, walk around a bit, and give yourself time to process what you have learnt so far. 

Note down your questions and doubts

Record your own practice sessions and listen to them intently to note down your weak areas. If you are unable to fix the problem, ask your teacher during the lesson to help you through that tricky patch. Write down all the questions that pop through your head at the time of practice sessions. Bring them to your next class and get them clarified from your music teacher. 

Listen to violin 

The best way to develop an ear for violin music is to listen to it. Get your hands recordings of the piece you are working on. You can also read up about the history of violin, musical styles, famous violinists etc. Educating yourself about the instrument will inspire you to pursue it with diligence. 

Most importantly, have fun! 

The best way to learn any instrument and not just violin is to have fun with it. Don’t make things too difficult in the beginning. If you are finding it hard to follow the pace, then slow down and build from there. 

If you are beginner, use these tips to stay focused on your violin lessons and make thorough progress in playing the instrument. 

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