Five Ways To Style A Hoodie

The days of hoodies marking you look like a would-be robber are long gone. Nowadays, this classic sportswear apparel is everywhere from catwalks to high street shops. 

Hoodies have become the mainstay of casual wear, and many brands are looking at new and inventive ways to produce them. Stella McCartney, for example, has created a recyclable and biodegradable hoodie.

Read our five top tips below for styling a hoodie like a pro.

Suits and blazers

Wearing a hoodie with a blazer or suit may sound bizarre, but try working the look with a more unstructured suit to change things up. Because this look makes such a statement, keep the outfit colours simple; go for a grey marl hoodie and plain white lace-up trainers.

Leather jackets

This a classic hoodie look and one that never goes out of style. Start with a solid base, such as blue jeans and a black leather jacket, then play around with different styles and colours of hoodie to wear underneath. Give this look a smart edge by pairing it with some desert boots or Chelsea boots.


The ever-popular athleisure look is so popular because of the way it matches style and comfort. As with sweatshirts, like the Farah sweatshirt at, the trick with this look is to keep things simple. Try matching black slim fit joggers with a black hoodie and simple leather trainers.


Hoodies don’t need to be a statement; they can be easily incorporated into a layered look. Go for a cashmere hoodie for cosiness and a touch of luxury. It’s a great option for looking sharp and staying warm when spending the day in the city. The best way to nail this look is to pair a zip-up hoodie with a plain white t-shirt. Next, add a jacket or coat, some box fresh trainers, and some slim fit jeans.

Tailored trousers

This is a slightly less adventurous version of wearing a hoodie with a suit, and it’s a great look. The reason this outfit works is because of the balance between smart and casual. Go for a neutral-coloured hoodie and a pair of luxury sports trainers to achieve this look. You could also jazz things up with a small pattern on the lower part of your hoodie, such as checks or pinstripes.

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