Five Of The Worst Albums Ever Made

With that in mind, here are 5 of the worst albums ever made. Whilst it’s nice for fans to pretend some of these don’t exist, there’s no accounting for albums you’re best off avoiding. These aren’t something you want to pick up but, if you have a copy or two, you’re better of trying to sell these CDs and any copies; money is more useful after all.

Chinese Democracy – Guns N’ Roses

Whilst this album sounds like it would be successful, it’s not one anyone admits to liking. Even long time Guns N’ Roses fans like to pretend this album never happened. Yet it’s one of the most expensive albums produced, and took over 10 years to make. With all that time and preparation, how did something go so wrong? Failing to impress many, it’s maybe better to avoid this one, despite the band name on the cover.

Cyberpunk – Billy Idol

Although it’s an electronic, synthesized, technology-influenced concept album, it would be nice to call this album experimental if only because experimental incurs the chance of failure. This 1993 album was a big break away from Idol’s typical rock music and was not well received. Even now, in an era full of various genres, this album fails to gain many supporters. Not one for the faint hearted.

Never Let Me Down – David Bowie

When a songwriter such as Bowie can constantly churn out hits from any album, it is all the more noticeable when they release a dead-pan album that fails to captivate on a single song. David Bowie’s Never Let Me Down did, ironically enough, let fans down everywhere. The album provides no recognisable hits or quintessential ‘Bowie’ sounds. In terms of sheer music, it really doesn’t offer much at all.

Hulk Rules – The Wrestling Root Band

When any non-musical celebrity decides to go into music, the results are seldom any good. Wrestlers are a prime example. Whilst many have tried and failed, Hulk Hogan’s Hulk Rules can be found near the bottom of the pile. Full of generic music that fails to captivate, inspire or simply entertain, Hulk Rules proves why music is for musicians.

Lulu – Metallica and Lou Reed

Similar to Chinese Democracy, there are some albums out there that just sound good on paper. When it’s in your ears, Lulu by Metallica and Lou Reed just sounds bad. Forget the names on the label, as an actual album of musical content, there are many choice remarks made about this album online. If you haven’t heard of it (it only came out in 2011) it’s a testament to the lack of praise it received.

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