Is Clint Eastwood A Better Director Than An Actor?

Clint Eastwood is famed for both his directing skills and his acting skills, and due to the fact that he dabbles in both, many will ask the question ‘is Clint Eastwood a better director than actor?’Many film fanatics seem to believe, that despite acting in as twice as many movies as he has directed, he is in actual fact a better director. This is possibly down to the fact that he himself directed some of his best performances.

His roles tend to stick to a certain theme, which see him taking on a macho role. However, if he were placed in a comedy or horror set-up, many believe he wouldn’t do as well. Due to this factor alone, many believe his acting range to be somewhat limited. His directing range however is extremely versatile and he is able to adopt a variety of different scopes. He often chooses to develop smaller, character-orientated tales as opposed to big-scale set-ups.  Take a few of his most famed productions as an example – Invictus, J.Edgar, The Bridges of Madison County and Mystic River.

Clint Eastwood tends to choose his actors well and to date, has directed a total of ten different actors in Oscar-nominated performances. A few of the big names that have appeared in his films include Gene Hackman, Tim Robbins, Hilary Swank, Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, Sean Penn, Marcia Gay Harden and Matt Damon. For four consecutive times, he has been chosen as a nominee for best director in which he has won this award twice. This is a great award to have under your belt as a director, especially as only 14 others have taken this title.

His work as an actor is highly popular, his work as a director however is highly acclaimed, of a high quality, extremely adaptable and more critically well known. Despite this, he will always be renowned on both sides of the screen, especially when his on screen presence is so widely felt. He is certainly not one to shy away from the camera and on given a certain role; he will go out of his way to get his teeth into the character he is playing

Those that are fans of Clint Eastwood may already own the majority of his DVDs. However, now that exactly the same films are available on Blu-Ray and HD, you may wish to sell your older versions in order to make way for the newer styles. This is a great way of recuperating some of your original expenditure.

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