Shrek The Musical London

Children and adults of all ages have really enjoyed the series of Shrek films so now that there is a musical it is sure to be a real success. Shrek the musical is on in London and is already attracting large audiences and receiving great reviews. Shrek is a great character and the humour in Shrek the musical London is along the same lines as what is enjoyed in the films. If you are unfamiliar with Shrek but have children that want to go and see the musical then here is a brief description about the story.

Shrek is a big green ogre like character but a friendly sole and very soft hearted, he has a loyal friend in the form of a donkey who is always getting into mischief. The two of them set off on an adventure to rescue the beautiful princess Fiona who is trapped in her tower in the castle. The problem is Fiona is guarded by a fire-breathing love sick dragon. Shrek the musical London tells the tale of their heroic quest to save the princess.

Shrek the musical London is sure to provide a fantastic entertainment show for all with its singing, dancing and comedy elements it won’t disappoint. If you want to book tickets to see Shrek the musical in London then you are best to book in advance to make sure you are not disappointed as tickets can sell out fast. Don’t leave it to the day of the performance to get tickets, try and order them prior to going to London. If you pre order your tickets you may be able to get some good discounts as there are many online retailers that now provide genuine tickets often with big savings.

Just use a search engine there are many tips to securing music festival tickets and you will easily find places where you can purchase your tickets.. If you want to make a weekend of your trip or a short break then you can book theatre breaks that will include tickets to Shrek the musical London and a hotel for a night or two. Theatre break prices may also include train or bus tickets and evening meals and breakfast in your chosen hotel.


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