Various Escape Rooms Games You Will Find In Rhodes

When you visit Greece one of the destinations you may choose to stay and enjoy is Rhodes. It is Greece’s largest Dodecanese islands. What makes Rhodes a fascinating destination is that it is rich in historical and ancient spots and many beach resorts. There is an old town in Rhodes featuring castle-like palace of grandmasters and the medieval street of knights. It is at Rhodes where you can get the escape room real games. The escape rooms Rhodes are amazing spots for individuals who are interested in horror, terror, and adventure.

Various escape rooms available in Rhodes

Currently, there are many escape rooms available in Rhodes. These are the best live games through which your adrenaline can be put to work and your creativity boosted. The escape rooms Rhodes are three, and they include


For people interested in a dreadful or horror escape, Conjuring will be the best. It is a quite challenging game mainly for brave and daring people. If you think it is a game you will play over virtual software, then you should think again because Conjuring is a live performance game. In this game, the person who chooses to play it enters a house that is haunted and has only 75 minutes to escape. This game requires a lot of courage and a bold move. Before choosing this escape room, you should ask yourself whether you are fearless enough to take the challenge.

 The hostel

If you feel that you are up to the challenge, then this is what to expect from the Hostel escape room game. The players have to spend a night at the hostel escape room. Remember this is a live room. However, it is an interactive game that involves escaping. The game is full of puzzles and tension, and you have to escape from the butcher in 75 minutes. Are you up to the challenge? Remember you have to be careful because the butcher will come to check. This game is not recommended for claustrophobics and can be played by a team of 2-7 people with live performance. The game is not recommended for individuals who are claustrophobic.


It is one of the upcoming escape room games. This game consists of a live performance just like Conjuring. If you manage to escape the Conjuring, maybe you could try Paranormal. However, you should think twice because paranormal is highly challenging escape room with horror, riddles, and terror. It is always a risky choice but gives excellent memories to the team. The game takes 75 minutes of fear. Is it too much time to hold on? The best thing is that you don’t play alone a group of 2-7 people is recommended to get into paranormal escape room. The game is not suitable for

  • Claustrophobics
  • People with heart complications

Paranormal escape rooms Rhodes game is designed for people who have confidence in their abilities.  A group of experienced and fearless individuals who would stick together may enter the escape room. This is because the game is designed for individuals to escape the horror.

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