The Secret To Dress Like A Star!

Living under the limelight and having the cameras flashing out for the paparazzi, being able to wear fancy clothes; all of this sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, then, let us make it a reality. Yes, you read that right! I am going to help you dress like a celebrity and make people fall head over heels for you. Let us look at some celebs from whom we will be drawing our inspiration.

1) Ariana Grande

She is always known for her cute looking outfits with a ponytail and her skirts are absolutely the ones to die for. This particular outfit which she had worn during one of her recent concerts has made it clear that she certainly knows how to scale heights in the range of fashion. She was wearing a navy blue pinstripe suit which was earlier not her piece of cake. She just blew the roof away and had many people drooling over that outfit. It had a backless top, and a wide-legged trouser, which is absolutely powerful and also really cool. You could also pull this off with Kerry Parker’s Pinstripe Power suit which is almost similar to Ariana’s outfit. It is a statement outfit which will educate your friends about power dressing. Just put it on and brag your outfit to your friends and colleagues at work or wear it

to a party setting off a cool vibe. Pair the classic corset top, lace detailed pantsuit with a pair of classy womens pumps.

2) Taylor Swift

Although she has a complicated life, her dressing sense is one to be praised. She has some ridiculously styled outfits, which can certainly not suit anybody else except her. She always wants to be the highlight and does not shy away from trying some new and absurd styles. She was recently spotted in public wearing this amazing A line skirt and a white crop-top which seemed really attractive and also not very Taylor Swift. Jokes apart, this is a really simple outfit which will add that chic element to your personality. You could accessorize with chokers and fishnet stockings or some fancy watches. With this look you can choose to go crazy with footwear. Be it combat boots or womens pumps or wedges!         

3) Selena Gomez

We all know how much she is adored just by the looks of her face. One of the favorite Disney actresses of all time and teenage crush of the 1990s kids has a wardrobe to die for. She is probably the most experimental woman in terms of fashion. She has her outfits so perfectly designed that she just can’t go wrong with whatever she wears. Well, you can’t become the most followed celebrity on Instagram just like that. She was recently seen wearing this one-piece slip dress at an awards function and she just had people ogling her. A similar styling idea but just in the opposite color, the Butterfly Trail Tulle Strappy Dress is a beautiful, elegant and mesmerizing piece which you could wear for a lot of occasions and have heads turning towards you. Complete the look with a pair of fishnet stockings and gorgeous womens pumps.

The next time you dress to impress, make sure you check out Kerry Parker’s collection, so that you could be a show-stopper wherever you go. After all, life is too boring to wear basic and boring clothes, isn’t it?

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