Tips And Tricks In Throwing A Perfect Bachelorette Party

Not every bachelorette party involves dancers in thongs like what you see in the movie “Magic Mike,” shot glasses are worn around the bride’s neck, and gem-emblazoned gears reading “Team Bride.” Although, not every bridal party is a demure coffee and tea bachelorette party either. 

The best celebration of your last day as a bachelorette fall somewhere in between of naughty and nice – a carefully choreographed mix of debauchery, “whatever-happens-here-stays-here” kind of party and wholesome catch-up-with-friends type of event. If you are in charge of these types of events, here are some tips for you to follow to make it a perfect bachelorette party.

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Take charge

Once you have found the perfect location, start planning for the party by asking the bride what their expectations and limitations are. What is in their must-haves and off-limits list. You might find it surprising that your friends with the wildest personality have no interest in getting drunk in bars or your shy-type, conservative friends want to wear a sash and tiara the entire time. You might be tempted to ask the bride’s friends who will be attending the party for any preferences or ideas. You need to plan this carefully. 

While sharing the planning tasks with other trusted bridesmaid or friends can be very helpful, planning with other people can be very challenging. Unless you are going to schedule some wild activities that might make some of the people attending freak out a little bit (group tattoos or sky diving) assume that the people attending will go along with anything that you planned on that day (or night). At least the bride’s friends should be good sports.

Budget the event thoughtfully

It is considerate to reach out to people with a cost estimate for the festivities and suggest that they contact you if there is something wrong or any concerns. Within reason, make sure that the party will fit the budget. From here, the easiest way to handle the finances is to ask the guests to pay the organizer for all the activities, transportation, event decorations, hotel accommodation or activities. 

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It avoids awkward post-event conversations or emails, as well as the inevitable frustrations when people do not want to split the bill evenly. If there is any leftover money after the event, make sure to return it to the attendees. If you decided to go down this road, just be clear about the things that are covered and the things that are not.

Make sure to add the fun stuff

With the serious stuff like the monetary issues out of the way, it is time to start filling in the small details. Make sure to plan the basics, like the meals or hotel accommodation, add site-specific activities, and consider some of these activities that you can do anywhere:


This day (or night) is all about relaxation – a perfect activity for stressed out and overworked brides, as well as for after-night-out recovery. Of course, you can go to a full-day spa activity, but you can also bring this relaxing activity to a neutral area with an in-home spa service. 

Schedule a manicure and pedicure session whole eating your brunch before going bar hopping or a day on the beach. You can also schedule a blowout and makeup while you prepare for a night out. If you are on a tight budget, pick up some nail polish and face mask and do a Do-It-Yourself spa night like what you used to do during your junior high years.


Put simple games here and there throughout the party to keep the guests entertained. Make sure to mix and match the games like put in risqué stuff with the tame and sweet ones. Ask the groom some personal questions about the bride. The information can help you prepare fun, private and risqué games that everyone can enjoy. You can also check out companies like Murder Mystery Parties in Brisbane for ideas about party games.

Photo ops

We all know that a bachelorette party is a big photo opportunity for the bride and her friends. That is why you need to think of some clever gifts, props, activities and most importantly, clever decorations that can yield a lot of Instagram opportunities. 

You can start with decorations that can both inspire drunken hilarity and serves as excellent backdrops for group photos. Gift the attendees with matching costumes or gear, or you can dare the people attending to dress up using cheesy costumes and props. You can also consider creating flower crowns with faux or real blooms to wear for the event. 

You can also do a scavenger hunt around the city where every item on the list needs to be included in the group selfie. Just make sure to set up a group chat or page so everyone can share their photos with other attendees and enjoy the activity’s hilarity. 


This type of activity is not for the faint of heart or with a strict moral code, but because of the popularity of “Magic Mike,” a movie about male strippers starring Channing Tatum, a few hours of amusement involving buff, oiled men in G-strings dancing provocatively is starting to be a staple at bachelorette parties. 

You only need to consider the bride before booking a male entertainer because an ambush-style stripper party might be stressful for some people, but sitting and watching the action on stage might be less intimidating but less entertaining road to take. 

Make sure you have a little alcohol in your system, wear the silliest costume in your dresser, let loose and take it like it is Halloween. It will take some of the awkwardness in the air brought upon by the male entertainers on their G-strings.

Consider giving the bride, as well as the guests a parting gift

And lastly, it is nice to send the guests and the bride off with a token from the weekend to make it memorable. Some of these gifts might be fun to give out as the event is happening. You can give out pajamas, adult footie or something naughty that can bring smiles to the people who attended the event.

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