Travelling The World On a Tight Budget

At some point or another, all of us come to a point in our lives where we dream of traveling to far off places–destinations entirely different from the world we grew up in. Whether you’ve been day dreaming of far off locations and wild adventures in other countries since you were a little kid, or are someone who didn’t really think of traveling before now–making a trip happen can be one of the most fulfilling and exciting experiences of your entire life. Traveling with money is easy and fun, but if you don’t earn a lot or have a lot of debt, it can sometimes be difficult to even imagine that a trip overseas is a possibility for you. But it is! Don’t let low earnings or student/medical debt keep you from living your travel dreams. Instead, take a deep breath, picture your dream vacation destination, and read this article. In it, you’ll find tips and tricks for saving money for your trip, along with advice on booking flights, accommodations, and other aspects of overseas travel.


Saving enough money for all the different costs associated with overseas travel is by far one of the more intimidating parts of the whole ordeal. With monthly bills like rent and utilities, the necessities like food and gasoline, along with life’s other costs can leave you feeling like it may take a decade to save up enough money to take a trip across the ocean. But there is one simple trick to saving money for travel: make it a priority. If traveling isn’t a priority, you’ll always find other things to spend your money on. But setting your heart and mind on a trip and making the execution of said trip a top priority on your list will allow you to save money so much easier. Don’t spend money on going out to eat, or buying the newest tech gadget when you really don’t need it. Skip shopping trips and expensive coffee drinks. Every single penny you don’t spend on something necessary can be spent on travel. Keep that in mind constantly and you’ll have enough money saved much sooner.


Once you do have some funds set aside for traveling, take advantage of all the different ways you can save money during your travel and accommodation booking process. Sites like Emirates offer international flights to many locations all over the world and can help you find the most affordable flight almost instantly. is one of the best sites for finding quality hotel rooms at a low price. If you’d rather stay in a unique home or somewhere other than the traditional hotel or resort, perhaps give AirBnB a shot. You can find incredibly cheap lodging at places with a lot of character there, all over the world. Utilizing these sites will help you save money on the transportation and accommodation part of your stay–allowing you to spend more on food, drink, attractions, and experiences!


These tips and tricks are some of the most useful for folks looking to find ways to save money when planning to travel overseas for the first time. There are other ways to save money, like couponing when buying groceries and household items, shopping at thrift stores for secondhand clothing and accessories, and taking public transport instead of paying a car payment and insurance. Some of these techniques are small changes, and others require a change in lifestyle. Decide how important traveling is to you, and make the changes you feel are necessary to make your traveling dreams come true. You won’t regret it.

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