Do Pokemon Go Creatures Size & Weight Matters In Game

The augmented reality game Pokemon Go is immensely popular worldwide ever since it was launched on July 6, 2016. With its newer versions, Pokemon Go has been in the news again especially with regard to the size and height of its new creatures. Many heavy creatures like Flareon that weighs about 50 gm and Graveler weighing more than 151 gm have joined the bandwagon side by side the existing and the new lighter ones.

Therefore, the million dollar question is whether there is any relevance of height and weight on the performance of these creatures that can potentially influence one’s performance in the game. In the absence of a consensus here, sites like can give you an unbiased view of the most authentic information as on date.

Having said that, we mean, knowledge is power to you. But, the choice of the source of knowledge must be done carefully. This, in turn, will put you ahead in the competition be it in real life situations or at the time of playing games with your friends, for instance.

The myths of size and weight in Pokemon Go:

Unique weight and size

Every creature here has got a unique size and weight. Having said that, we mean, you won’t find any similarity in weight and size between two specimens of the same creature such as the Pikachus. This is indeed true as experienced by the players worldwide. But, this has been done with intention of bringing diversity in a game that will keep the players engrossed in the game with a view to outwitting the opponents. In other words, such a combination of unique creatures has potentially increased the fun element in the game. It keeps a player’s adrenaline running high and thus, refreshes him in the end.

Defying the laws of physics

The mismatch of size and weight with no similarity between two specimens have led to the belief that the creatures here defy the laws of physics. To put things in the right perspective, it is important to mention here that the purpose of Pokemon Go games is not to uphold the laws of physics. The game aims to create opportunities for the players to unwind at the end of a day’s hard work, for instance. Therefore, Pokemon Go new creatures have nothing to do with the laws of physics. Only a site like can truly give you true insights here.

Medal winning creatures

This may be construed as another lopsided opinion without any truth. We would better term it as someone’s fantasy on the new creatures. The million dollar question is why would there be anything in a game that could spoil the spirit of it? On top of it, the creator of the Pokemon Go doesn’t endorse this view.

Likewise, you may come across hundreds of such myths with every new version of the game that will eventually drag you to controversies and spoil the spirit of playing the games. Therefore, the best way of staying updated here is to browse the pages of, for instance, and take the world to your side.

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