How Nose Pins Are Important For Women?

There are a number of jewelry items that women wear and out of them one is the scientifically research and also have a sacred place in the traditions. Nose pin is the most important jewelry as well as attractive one a woman could wear. Nose pin is considered to be the ancient jewel in India and they are the origination of Middle East and the trend of wearing nose pins came into India in 16th century. Mughals brought this trend. These are not mandatory for women to wear like Mangalsutras. Nose pins have nothing to do with age or marriage. Any woman can wear nose pins regardless of their age and their marital status and it has been found that the unmarried women are fonder of wearing nose pins considering it as a fashion symbol.

  • Scientific reason

Normally people belief that the women wear nose pins to look beautiful and attractive but that’s not the key reason because there are a number of scientific reasons which have proven that wearing nose pins is highly beneficial for the health of mind and body.

  • Controlling Emotions

Nose is included in the six sense organs that help the human to smell and breathe. It is an organ which helps in sensing feelings and emotions like romance, passion and sexual feelings. It has been proven by studies that the women who wear nose pins are emotionally strong as compared to the women who don’t. It is hard to mesmerize and hypnotize women with nose pins.  

  • Strengthening Ovary

The piercing point in the nostril is linked with the strengthening of ovaries and it also brings positivity in the sexuality of women. It also creates favorable situations for child birth in her body. This is the main reason due to which almost all of the customs insist young girls to wear nose pins when they are ready for marriage. The point of piercing in nose is the acupressure point that relates to the delivery. When nose is pierced, the woman faces less pain in delivery and there are fewer complications.

The best to wear for women is diamond nose pins as they are high in fashion and style and the status symbol. Most of the women almost like to wear diamond nose pins as they think diamond shows their status and repute among the people. Demand nose pins with a little diamond enhances the beauty of the lady wearing it and also gives her an attractive look. There are a variety of diamond nose pin designs for women depending on the face shape and age. As the people with small face should wear one stone nose pin and two-three stones based nose pin would be better for big round face.

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